Attire & Behavior

Rules Governing Attire & Behavior at MsC


Obtaining venues with suitable facilities and services for our lifestyle events is an ever more
challenging task. We have secured a long term contract with our current hotel, the College Park
Marriott Hotel & Conference Center in College Park, Maryland, right on the campus of the
University of Maryland – College Park. We would like to ask for your assistance in developing
and sustaining positive relations with the hotel:

When you register online, you will be asked to sign an agreement stating that you are familiar
with our security policies and that you will abide by them throughout the weekend.


Even that we have the exclusive use for the conference center from Thursday to Monday,
attendees should still dress and behave appropriately and always respecting that we still share
the hotel with the employees and staff. One former GM told us once: “Don’t do anything to
disrespect our staff.” We should be able to live with that. Remember, we only have exclusive
use of the Conference Center but we still will be sharing with some non-conference hotel
Nudity and BDSM play are not permitted in any public area.


There will be approved locations for the display and distribution of flyers and other
promotional materials. Please inquire at the MsC Office for this information.


We will be the only guests at the Conference Center during the five days of our event. The hotel
has a main hotel side and the Conference Center. We will have our security where the drapes
are at the entrance of the Conference Center. To gain entry, you must be wearing your
wristband and name badge. There are doors to the open green areas including the smoking
tent that you can use to exit but not to reentry. Reentry has to be done using the main door of the Conference Center.