Service Stations

MsC will have Service Stations presented by a diverse group of national, international, regional and local presenters.

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A kink resume is used to demonstrate your knowledge and the skills that you have. It can be used to provide to a potential Dom/Master. It can also bolster your self-esteem and see where you might have areas to improve or expand on for future growth. Come learn what it should contain and why.

Your fire play session was hotter than expected. Now someone got burned. What do you do? Your knife play was cutting edge and your bottom got the point. Now you are in for some unexpected blood play. What do you do? Your breath play scene took your bottom's breath away...literally. What can you do to breathe life into the scene? Sir Guy, a Ground Zero first responder and emergency medical technician for more than two decades, will review medical emergencies, show you what questions to ask before you engage in a scene, what to do when things go wrong, and how to deal with first responders. In addition, he will give tips on creating a first aid kit.

When you think of a formal dinner, the following things come to mind: formal attire, proper behavior, formal dinner setting, delicious food, and perfect arrangements. This class will help you plan and organize a formal dinner and is filled with details and tips for a great outcome.

Organizing a formal dinner is not as daunting as many imagine. Planning and a great support group will help you achieve a wonderful event.

This hands-on class will enable slaves to build confidence by learning to serve food and drink more gracefully and efficiently, following the rules of formal dining and etiquette. Masters are welcome too if they want to learn how to train the current or future slaves in table service.

There are times that a slave may be required to manage another.  Perhaps there is a need to train a newcomer to the household, manage a person in service while you are yourself in service, or many other possible scenarios.  As we add people, we add joy and also complication.  Having experienced this middle management scenario extensively, Tomo will share her thoughts on the benefits (spoiler alert: ITS HOT!), possible dangers, and how to define and create success for everyone involved

You know in your heart you are meant to serve, to kneel, and to surrender.  The feelings are deep and perhaps you cannot even grasp or define them, however you know they are there.  You wonder though, what is the next step?  How do I do this?  What do I need to know?  You have feelings of wanting to do the right thing, and you don't want to make a mistake, but don't know what that right thing is.  Come learn the basics of service, and surrender.  Tomo will provide slaves, submissives and others who serve with an outlined path to help you define for yourself what the right thing is for you and for the person you serve.  We will discuss the basic skills that every servant should have, along with practical applications.

Are you prepared if you're hit by a bus? What about an asteroid? No one likes talking about it, but you should want to make sure your loved ones have what they need should something happen to you. It's easy, inexpensive, and can provide peace of mind to your chosen family and friends.

There is no public description. You will have to attend to find out. Only slaves may attend.