Service Stations

MsC will have Service Stations presented by a diverse group of national, international, regional and local presenters.

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This is for slaves only! I see your frustrations and we should talk before you need bail money. In all seriousness, we can all get irked with our partners, no matter how much we love them. Let's talk about a few ideas on how we can keep those murderous ideas at bay, even on those days you might have to reach down deep to find these things.

Elegant and useful. Learn some useful ideas for including it in your every day life, or planning formal dinner. This will include hands on practice.

Financial stress is the #1 cause of relationship breakdown. Let’s share techniques to empower positive financial habits and establish healthy communication within our dynamic:

  • Financial basics & breakdown the myths 
  • What is my credit score, why is it important and how to improve it 
  • Who’s job is it anyway? Master or slave? 
  • How to respectfully have the financial conversation
  • Establishing financial safeguards that provide peace of mind 
  • Rewarding each other!

Being organized can bring less stress, save time and bring peace to your environment. People have good intentions every time they clean out a closet or buy bins and baskets but for many, everything quickly returns to chaos. We will talk about strategies to get organized and stay organized.

Shiatsu is a Japanese method of finger pressure massage that may be used on trigger and pressure points to promote a healthy lifestyle, induce healing, and help with stress relief.  In this class, Tomo will share how massage can be a sexy exchange as service as well as something you can use on yourself.  We will learn a basic wellness treatment for the back and neck, as well as other useful pressure points in the body to help us maintain healthy muscle tissue and energy flow for our partner and ourselves.  The class will include a brief introduction to Eastern medicine, the meridian system, and healing methods.  Topics will include safety, healthy therapeutic results, and proper body mechanics to massage with minimal effort, meridians (energy pathways) and useful pressure points along those pathways.  This is a hands-on class, though participation is not required and no prior experience is needed. 

Hair is as unique as the kinksters who have it (or don't!) and finding a reliable hair routine can feel like a quest for the Holy Grail. The truth is, your hair care routine needs to cater to more factors than simply mimicking shiny strands or juicy coils touted on social media. In this class we'll discuss understanding hair science, what thoughts should go into your hair care strategy, basic styling, protective tips for everyday and kinky play, hair care as a D/s service, and some easy DIY hair care recipes. This course is specifically designed to help you take the first step towards hair that you can be proud of, no matter what day of the week.

Do you or your partner travel a lot for work? Maybe holiday travel has always been a hassle? Or are you just preparing for a multi-day kinky event? Having an extra pair of hands to help with a travel companion is a game changer. Join me in my class focused on easing the woes of traveling. As a certified jet-setter I'll share with you the best tips for booking trips, apps to help make travel management easier and faster, common travel templates and checklists, corrective mood and mindset tools, crisis fix factors, traveling with toys, and more. We'll take a closer look at serving while doing so by train, plane, or automobile and how to make any Airbnb, hotel, or shared space reflect your D/s dynamic.

We all need an emergency kit. In this class you will learn how to prepare for an emergency, prepare a kit for both play and for traveling.  Basic First Aid will be covered.

We will go over how to start, choosing materials and preparing for making your at home leather floggers. The equipment needed, a basic handle and what is the best methods for cutting and care during the cutting process.