We will hold five intensives for three and a half hours duration. Please follow the rules of each intensive as they all are limited in number of attendees, level of experience, couples only, Master or slave only, pre-registration, etc.

Pre-registration required for all intensives. Please confirm conference registration is completed before signing up for intensives. Some may have limited participant availability, please contact to register before they fill up.

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How do we define slave for ourselves and discover what we each have to offer? What does it take to find that within yourself day after day? How do you handle conflict as a slave? These are some of the questions we will address in addition to a discussion of topics including power exchange vs authority exchange, how to serve from a powerful place, what you look for in a Master, determining what you have to offer, learning that it is "not about you”, that beautiful place of surrender, and how to survive a breakup as a slave.  Whether you are brand new or have years of experience, you will benefit from this interactive class and discussion of M/s from the slave’s view.

For the purpose of creating a safe space to speak freely, share and grow, this class is limited to those who identify as servant, slave or submissive.

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Domina Kat

The number of ways to Serve within an Authority Transfer relationship or dynamic is infinite. Each one is customized to suit the individuals involved, and with long-standing P/partners the Service seems to only grow more complicated and involved over time making it nearly impossible to explain to others seeking guidance. With so many unique examples and vague descriptions, is it any wonder that many find it difficult to initiate, negotiate, and explore M/s-centered Service successfully no matter how often they’ve walked down this road?

The 9 Service Languages of Authority Exchange provides both sides of the / with an easy to explore framework to build, navigate, and even renegotiate functional Service-Based M/s engagements with shared expectations and positive outcomes. Topics include: Service dialects, benefits, challenges, and associated archetypes of types of Service, as well as factors that impact Service Languages.

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Master Dante Amor & slave gaia Amor

This will not be your typical “talking about talking” dissertation covering the same material you’ve heard before! The importance of clear communication in authority-based dynamics is constantly discussed, but how often do we actually take the time to learn and practice new communication skills?

What do we do when communication breaks down, tempers flare, and misunderstandings run rampant?

What are some of the ways authority-based dynamics can support and hinder understanding and clarity?

This intensive, interactive workshop will introduce a variety of proven tools, some of which Dante and Gaia developed themselves over the course of their seventeen years together as Master and slave, and provide hands-on time to practice with them. You will sharpen and learn new ways of using tools already in your toolbox, and acquire powerful new ones to reach for in a variety of difficult situations.

There is no need to currently be in an authority differential dynamic to benefit.

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Master Skip Chasey

What if a side effect of the dynamics that underlie a successful Master/slave relationship was that the relationship was destined to have a limited shelf life?  How might that awareness affect the trajectory and the quality of the relationship?  What would “successful” therefore mean?

Master Skip will facilitate a highly-interactive examination of this intriguing—and perhaps unsettling—hypothesis, and an exploration of its potential ramifications for not only the individuals within such relationships but the M/s community at large.

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Mrs. BlueFrost & Mister Blue

In this workshop, we will discover your inner programming and learn how it subconsciously affects your relationship(s). We will explore how to deepen your connection (s) by developing and boosting your positive intelligence with that knowledge.  Join us to empower, enthuse and energize yourself, your partner(s), and your relationship dynamic.

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The Goddess Indigo & Dr. Bob Rubel

We speak about wanting and needing transparency in our slave in order to succeed in our dynamic.  We feel driven to be omniscient and all-powerful.  The idea of making mistakes, being flawed, imperfect in any way is anathema.  We speak of slaves being brave enough to open themselves to our scrutiny, to show us their “ugly parts.” We speak of surrendered Masters. How can we truly have an authority-transfer environment where they entrust all of themselves to us when we never really show them who we are? How long can we pretend to be “perfect?”

Becoming a fully-faceted self-actualized individual requires having integrity.  Integrity is defined as “knowing and accepting one’s self.” To the extent we hide who we are, we cripple our own capacity to become wholly immersed in our dynamic. “Acceptance” is a two-way street. And, it begins by having the courage to be seen.

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