We will have six intensives for three and a half hours duration. Please follow the rules of each intensive as they all are limited in number of attendees, level of experience, couples only, Master or slave only, pre-registration, etc.

Pre-registration required for all intensives. Please confirm conference registration is completed before signing up for intensives. Some may have limited participant availability, please register before they fill up.

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Master Orpheus & Indigo Black

The erotic art of slave training is a unique class that explores the sensual and spiritual aspects of slave training. It is divided into two phases: one for subs and one for Dominants. Dominants will learn to create personal methods and manuals for training, develop effective and ethical training methods, and recognize boundaries between discipline and abuse. Submissives will learn about service and devotion, how to cultivate the submissive mindset, follow direction, and manage expectations.

Join this journey of surrender and devotion, offering your body and mind in service to the divine through the exchange of power and trust.

Pre-registration required.

Sir Tee & Little Kinsune

In M/s Dynamics we talk about ‘leading’ and ‘following,’ and working harmoniously together towards our goal. However, when the path isn’t straight or smooth, how do we lead and follow in concert? This intensive will explore two strategies to co-create and maintain alignment within a Dynamic.

Part 1 will explore personal Self Mastery as a lifestyle philosophy, way of being, and practice for both sides of the slash. Undertaking this journey can help us achieve personal goals and overcome roadblocks which can unintentionally undermine alignment -enabling us to bring our best into our Dynamics.

Part 2 will explore how we can work together by aligning our wills to achieve personal and Dynamic goals. Drawing on our 28 years of experience, we will explore the role of personal will, learn to understand, and recognize sources of misalignment, and review strategies to foster alignment, building towards both longevity and success.

Pre-registration required.

Goddess Indigo & Dr. Bob Rubel

How to Write a Household Manual (Open Attendance)

We often hear about them, but how do we actually set one up? We talk about alignment, but how do we know we are actually heading in the same direction and growing together? The Goddess Indigo and Dr. Bob will guide in areas such as self-reflection, processing modalities and communications techniques as we explore ways to retake control of your dynamic. T

The class goal is to help you learn how to hardwire your strengths and passions so they drive your vision of your future.

Pre-registration required.

Master Dante Amor, slave gaia Amor, slave Sarah Amor and slave Coco Amor

After a packed house at MsC 2019 where we couldn't address even a fraction of the questions added to the board, it was clear this is a subject needing additional space to be explored!

One size does not fit all, and we certainly have endlessly creative ways of adding a variety of others into the mix! With all that diversity there are dimensions of polyam M/s many never even consider at the intersection of polyamory and authority exchange.

What are the differences between prescriptive and descriptive hierarchies in polyam relationships? Can you have multiple “primary” partners? What are the pros and cons of various structures and approaches? What are the unique challenges and considerations at the intersection of consensual non-consent and consensual non-monogamy? What questions do we ask ourselves and our partners before we even begin?

Pre-registration required.

Brad Sagarin, Hannah Tarleton & Taylor Mackenzie

The Science of BDSM Research Team has been conducting field research since our first study at the Arizona Power Exchange in 2001. Since then, we've done our best to build positive relationships with the BDSM, Leather, and M/s communities. But sometimes our best is not good enough. In "Mistakes Were Made", we'll take a tour through some of our missteps: Times we've offended people with a poorly-asked survey question. Times we've had to revise our methodology on the fly after vastly underestimating the number of signups for a study. Times we've stumbled over an answer in an interview and had to perform damage control when the story came out. We'll also share some of our prouder moments: Research studies that have helped illuminate the benefits of kink and authority transfer. Our international collaboration with our sister team in Belgium. And the organizations and individuals (gratefully including MsC, MTTA, and Master Taino) without whom all this would have been an unrealized dream.