MsC 2017 will have around 45 workshops starting on Saturday at 9 AM until Monday at 2 PM. Workshops are presented by a diverse group of national, international, regional and local presenters.

Below is a partial list of the approved workshops. More will be posted as we receive and approve them.

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MsC 2017 Workshops

Master Skip Chasey

From penance, confession and absolution, to servitude, chastity and intense physical rituals for facilitating altered states of consciousness and a direct experience of the Divine, all religions, whether Judeo-Christian, Pagan or Eastern in origin, have spiritual practices that contain elements of BDSM. For many, the activities that comprise BDSM are nothing less than sacraments that foster spiritual awakening. What role does a Master play in that awakening? What are the qualifications for, and obligations of, such a role? Join Master Skip as he shares his very personal journey of integrating spirituality with radical sexuality and how that journey led to the development of his shamanic SM techniques, the revelation of his true vocation and an ever-growing assembly of leatherfolk dedicated to compassionate human service.

slave Rick

Inspired by slave Rick’s new book, “Jolted Awake: An Unconventional Memoir”, this presentation is designed to create sacred space for the sharing of experiential wisdom.

Together we will explore such topics as how to be obedient to one’s authentic self when feeling both doubt and fear, what does it mean to view the world through soul-centered eyes, how our M/s and D/s relationships can foster the healing of past wounds, and how our SM experiences can help us become more spiritually awake.

It is recommended that attendees read “Jolted Awake: An Unconventional Memoir” prior to the presentation, but it isn’t a requirement. The book is available at and

slave Rick is a licensed kink-aware psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA. However first and foremost he is, by Grace, in service to his beloved Master

Master Skip Chasey and slave Rick

When it comes to relationships, each of us has specific physical, emotional and spiritual needs. It’s widely understood that someone in a more conventional relationship will likely be incapable of meeting the totality of their partner’s needs, and one can only guess as to how much more that applies to those who engage in esoteric relationships rooted in consensual dominance and submission. What do you do if your Master/slave relationship doesn’t satisfy all of your needs? How can adjustments and accommodations be made without damaging the relationship or threatening the individuals who comprise it? Who initiates the changes, and who does the adjusting and accommodating? In what promises to be a highly charged discussion, Master Skip and slave Rick will candidly share examples from their own 15-year relationship as they examine this sensitive subject. Come discover how acknowledging what’s missing in your life need not pose a threat to your M/s relationship, and why restructuring the relationship so that your needs or the needs of your Master or slave can be fully or better met has the potential to strengthen the D/s dynamic between you.

Laura Antoniou

Service is a way to demonstrate admiration, caring, respect, affection, and of course, love. It can also be a reward in and of itself, either as a pleasurable thing the bottom really enjoys doing, or an experience the bottom wishes to have for a personal reason. Some people enter service specifically to have the experience on their way toward becoming a more well rounded practitioner of SM. But again and again, we return to what they most basically want to do, and to be: useful. Attending “Service-oriented Submission” is not required, but highly recommended. Laura will discuss strategies in overcoming those temporary distractions that keep a service-oriented individual from performing their best. An open discussion with the participants is encouraged to discuss common challenges, as well as solutions and tactics that have been successful for others. Also addressed are questions of basic needs in a relationship, and ways of determining, for yourself, if the relationship you are in is positive or negative, whether you have temporary difficulties, or consistent ones. Workshop participants are encouraged to share ways they have discovered to keep a proper service mentality, and to being up the challenges of being servile.

To encourage honesty and open communication, this workshop is limited to those individuals providing service, rather than managing or receiving service.

Master Obsidian

We all have that voice inside, the one that can take anything about ourselves or something that we did or something we plan to do and transform it into something terribly wrong or bad. That inner dialogue that shows up just as we are about to embark on a new project or challenge. We all have an inner voice that speaks to us consciously and unconsciously all the time. When our inner voice becomes toxic, it can have a crippling effect on Dominance, ultimately impairing the strength and vitality of M/s or Dom/sub relationships. We will explore how to identify and unmask the inner critic and how to then use that energy in a positive way to transform, expand and re-energize our Dominance. (FOR DOMINANTS AND MASTERS ONLY)

Master Obsidian and slave Namaste

Avoiding Command and Companionship issues in P/E relationships – You’ve put a lot of time, energy and effort into building the P/e relationship of your dreams with the person(s) that you want. And then you fell in love. – Does companionship mean the dissolution of the M/s dynamic? How can love and control exist together in the P/e dynamic? How do we create a dynamic that sustains the P/e while also being companions? Why is it that when we think we are getting to the ‘good part’ everything seems to go to hell in a hand basket? Where does all this dissatisfaction come from? What can we do about it? Join Master Obsidian and slave Namaste as they discuss potential pitfalls in the blending of P/e and companionship and ways to avoid them as well as ideas to infuse longstanding P/e Companion dynamics with new life! This class is great for those seeking to build this type of relationship as well as those already in one!

slave Namaste

This class is an open frank discussion on the realities of life as a TPE slave. We will explore the different stages, types and motivators of TPE slavery and how it can develop over time. Handling family, poly, children, and career while being enslaved – and what empowerment looks like within the TPE model. (It’s not what you think) also slave Namaste shares her thoughts on MUST HAVE traits for slaves. Come prepared – bring your questions and take notes!

Thay (Master) Z

The “Anatomy of a Master and slave” presentation attempts to look at the dynamics of an M/s relationship and identify what similarities and differences are evident in M/s versus other Total Power Exchange relationships. The discussion will include: • Makeup of a Master (emotional, spiritual and sexual) • Makeup of a slave (emotional, spiritual and sexual) • Are the roles of M/s predestined in the individuals

Ms Rhonda and tomo

A written contract is often required between two parties to define and enforce an agreement. This contract provides a clear communication for parties to refer to, defines the scope of work, outlines responsibilities, and defines a time frame. In a similar manner, written documents can be used in hierarchical relationships to force depth of thought during design, provide clarity, and be an on-going reference for both Master and slave. Ms Rhonda and tomo will share the benefits they have experienced from having commitments, protocols, standing orders, and behaviors defined and in writing. We will also discuss the pitfalls of using written documents. Ms Rhonda and tomo will share the contracts and agreements used in their relationship as examples.

Ms Rhonda and tomo

Again is an inevitable part of life, no matter how we try to avoid it. In the leather community, both Master and slave must face this issue from physical, mental, and emotional perspectives. In this class we will examine the challenges that face us as we mature, such as cognitive struggle, physical limitations, and chronic pain. Ms Rhonda and tomo believe that with honest self-assessment and communication, adaptations can be found for continued joy and success in BDSM and authority exchange relationships throughout our entire life. Join us as we discuss common issues related to aging and propose solutions applicable to both sides of authority exchange relationships.

TammyJo Eckhart

Using my life as a jumping off point, I want to lead a discussion about how a person can be incredibly busy and yet be a loving dominant in a poly household. I wear many hats in my life and pursue many goals at any given time. Yet I believe our household is one of healthy, happy people who are supporting a M/s dynamic as well as a vanilla dynamic under the same roof. I’m sure there are others out there in a similar family. Let’s talk about how it works and how it can work better. Fox could co-lead this discussion. Target Audience would be anyone who must wear "many hats" within and without of their household.

slave feyrie

The Ideal and versus Reality of M/s Relationships. The three pillars of a Master/slave dynamic are the foundation on which we build our relationship. They are also ideals we strive to achieve. What happens when one of those pillars cracks? When that happens, what is the real foundation of M/s that will get you through the storms life brings with your dynamic intact?

slave feyrie

This class goes beyond a slave feyrie's technical skills class to include a discussion of receiving tea service led by Master Kevin, to help something which may seem "floofy and unapproachable" to become comfortable, fun, and a great way to bring ritual and a deliciously juicy head space into everyday life in a way that anyone can enjoy.

Sir Eric Pride

Even the strongest M/s relationships go through periods of distress and turmoil. Every person is different and we may disagree at times. It is human to commit an error or make a wrong decision. Disagreements, misunderstandings and mistakes in our relationships can lead to pressure, contention and conflict.

This presentation provides participants with tools and techniques to handle common lifestyle related issues, and successfully navigate their M/s relationship conflicts, including topics such as emotions, open and poly relationships, jealousy, and relationship contracts.

Raven Kaldera and slave boy joshua

It’s not easy to cope with disability under any circumstances, but when you have to deal with physical limitations, it may seem like there’s no energy to spare for “traditional” M/s. After all, isn’t the erotica full of masters who are always tall, strong, healthy, and able to wrestle their slaves to the ground – not to mention beautiful, physically perfect slaves? How can it work with a slave who can’t kneel or a master who can’t do basic things for themselves? This workshop will discuss how to make it work in the face of all the obstacles. Not only can M/s work in the face of physical problems, it can become a kind of “exoskeleton” for the disabled partner, keeping them going in the face of all odds.

slave raven

While it isn’t always the part of the lifestyle we want to look at these are actually important pieces that deserve a bit of reflection. How do each of these terms fit and what do they mean in our relationship. This class looks at how each term works in the relationship to keep us all on the tracks.

slave raven

Many classes and discussions are about how to provide excellent service. We don't see so much about the other side of the coin. How does one accept service with calm and ease? What is the appropriate response to service and how do we make space for service to happen? A discussion about the being served side of the silver salver.

Master Don and orja

Often times in our Master/slave community, we use certain words so often their meanings become watered down or lose their meaning all together. We also use words to try to align ourselves with an idea when perhaps we don’t even know what that idea really is. Words have become a tool to use in communication but yet we all have differing ideas of what those words really mean. Join Master Don and orja as they offer up a fun and interactive discussion about words commonly used in the Master/slave community and see how much commonality or not there really is. Be forewarned – this is an interactive discussion designed to provoke conversation and an interchange of ideas.

Master Rob and slave lori

Breaking out of the norm to take your marriage from Husband and Wife to Master and slave is not so simple. Familiarity, lack of honest communication and accountability – these are traps that can be difficult to overcome. Can it be done? YES! Let’s explore the journey and ways to make the transition. Master Rob and slave lori will share how they have combined their 29-year marriage into a 10-year Master/slave dynamic.

Mistress Susan

Description coming soon

Slave teagan

“The true value of any relationship is how it develops specific characteristics within us.” Without a doubt, the Master/slave dynamic develops character traits that create fulfillment and sustainability. However, we rarely talk about the power of the M/s relationship to transform the individual, far beyond the dynamic. Join slave teagan and explore various aspects of transformation within the M/s dynamic. We'll do this by assessing a fearless personal inventory, opening a transformative path in your relationship, and looking at five distinct areas of the Master/slave dynamic that foster change and growth, both in the individual and in the relationship.

slave Caroline

What is a powerful slave? Can a slave be powerful? What constitutes Power? What if a slave is powerful? Can a slave be more powerful than a Master? Can a Master slave relationship exist if a slave is more powerful than a Master?

This workshop is about the thoughts, ideas and reflections based on a personal journey of slavery from a “powerful” slave.

Master Taíno

More often than not, we hear that Master/slave relationships are about slaves serving their Masters. But Masters are also in service. The concept may sound strange to many, but Master Taíno will explain the many ways in which Masters are in service. Participation from the attendees is encouraged.

Daddy Daun and slavegirl j

There are few things that bring a couple closer than moving in together. Sir DaddyDaun and slavegirl j took it one step further and moved into the cab of a semi truck. For over two years, T/they have grown and changed in ways beyond what T/they thought possible. From getting to the core of T/their demons to working around each O/others way of expressing high emotion, T/they have maintained a healthy and strong Master and slave dynamic. T/they have boiled down the years of lessons into what T/they call Concentrated Communication. Join T/them in a candid and usually hilarious explanation of the triumphs and failures of T/their life on the road.

Master Andy and Sue

Running in the back ground of every brain is a checklist of values. In our relationships with other people and with ourselves these values drive our judgements and actions. During the workshop, we will explore the difference between values, morals and maxims, highlighting how these intermingle and motivate us. By providing a new way to look at what we believe we can see how our value manifests in our relationships. This powerful insight will change how you view yourself, your life and your relationships.

Master Patricia DeZor

What are the attributes of a solid foundation in Master/slave relationships? The level of integrity in M/s relationships often starts with the Master, and the Master knowing what is of lasting value. What type of self-examination is useful so that a Master knows what they bring to an M/s dynamic? This is an honest look at what gets in the way of our self-integrity and what enables us to thrive. This workshop is not necessarily about being comfortable, nor is it about leaving with a feel good sensation; it’s about how Masters recover and thrive in life, in their personal Mastery, and M/s dynamics. This is the importance of living an examined life. “The unexamined life is not worth living”- Socrates

TammyJo Eckhart

This is a unique opportunity to ask any questions to author TammyJo Eckhart, one of the contributors to “Our Lives, Our History”. With almost three decades in our community, TammyJo has published both fiction and nonfiction and is ready to share her experiences with you.

slave Rick

This is a unique opportunity to ask any questions to slave Rick, one of the leading slave presenters of the county who has been in service to Master Skip Chasey for close to two decades. He is also the author of the book “Jolted Awake” published last year.

slave raven

Enjoy our emcee? Now you have a unique opportunity to ask any question to slave raven, Northeast slave 2005. Slave raven has many years of experience as an owned slave and willing to answer all your questions,

Master Steve

For some, the path of Mastery and slavery goes beyond the physical. In this seminar, Master Steve – the founder of Butchmanns – discuss how he approaches Mastery and slavery as a spiritual path, and how he incorporates spiritual discovery into M/s

(Note: This is a DVD of a class presented in 2003 at South Plains Leatherfest. His former slave kirk will introduce the video. This is presented with Master Steve’s permission)

Mama Vi

An informal conversation with our historian and librarian, Mama Vi Johnson. She will talk and answer questions from those interested in knowing more about the history of BDSM, Leather and Master/slave.

Laura Antoniou

Laura will be reading from her books, something she enjoys the most after writing them. Come and have fun with the charismatic erotica author.

Caroline Shahbaz and Peter Chirinos

Becoming a Kink Aware Therapist by Caroline Shahbaz and Peter Chirinos is the first book aimed specifically at therapists published by Routledge. The marketing introduction says:

As a result of recent media interest, the practice of BDSM has become more mainstream yet remains marginalized. Now more than ever, greater numbers of heterosexual and LGBTQ couples are starting to explore some form of BDSM. However, profound misunderstandings continue leading to unintentional physical and psychological harm.

Come hear the authors tell their story and describe their journey in writing this book. Why did they write it? What has been the response to it? Who is reading it? What is their vision going forward?

Master Bob Blount

description coming soon

Master Obsidian and slave namaste

This is a unique opportunity to ask questions to Master Obsidian and his slave Namaste, International Master/slave 2010. They have been involved in educational projects throughout the years and are a caudal of information.

MsC will be presenting this extraordinary documentary film by Christina Court on the 25 years of history of the Leather Archives & Museum. There will be time for Q&A with a representative of the Leather Archives & Museum.

Mistress Susan

Most of us were not born into an M/s household. The degree to which we structure and define our relationships is certainly not the norm. We've come to it with a vast amount of experience and life skills. How do those apply to our dynamic? Taking this a step further, how do the skills we learn within a M/s relationship apply to our other relationships and experiences?

Looking at our dynamic in a holistic way allows us to integrate all that we are, in every aspect of our lives. Come prepared to participate in this discussion, and to do some exercises that will help you learn a little more about yourself, and your dynamic!

Master Andy

Our lifestyle is based on an idea of one being in control and another giving up control. When things go smoothly, those roles are relatively easy to maintain, however occasionally control is lost. It can be a result of emotions driving a conversation, a scene turning bad, adding another person to the mix or as simple as too much noise around you in a club. As Dominants, what do we do? When we are, the ones tasked with maintaining control, what choices do we have when we lose control?

We will discuss various topics that contribute to these situations as well as ideas on how to prepare for them. Tips on how to make your plan and how to deal with the aftermath will be covered.

(Dominants/Masters only)

slave kirk

slave kirk originally came into service with Master Steve Sampson of Butchmanns, back in the late 1990’s. he then left service in the late 2000’s and decided, wrongly, that he wasn’t really a slave. But now he’s back in service again, this time to Master Bob Blount. This workshop is slave kirk’s journey, and the lessons he learned along the way.

Master Bob Blount & slave jan

This could well be one of the most exciting workshops of your life. You will learn bone-deep that you are unstoppable. You will witness and experience incredible moments, deepen your connection with the people you came with, and you will have a whole lot of fun. This workshop will help you to identify and challenge your fears. This one workshop might even change your life.

Master J

Can insight and self-awareness build higher levels of spirituality? Come and experience exercises that may lead to more self-awareness. Spirituality does not have to take you off the deep end. Spirituality can make a more complete well rounded person.

Daddy Daun and slavegirl j

This is a great opportunity to meet and task questions to the current International Master/slave 2017, Daddy Daun and slavegirl j. They are an amazing couple with an interesting journey,

The new Legacy Project of MTTA did an interview with the late Master David Cook. Sir Stephen, MTTA Vice President and visionary of the Legacy Project, did the interview. A great opportunity to listen once more the wisdom of this great man and Master who passed away on July 5, 2017.

Master Bob Blount and slave jan

Our “Shadow is the collection of disowned, unlived or undesirable traits we keep hidden – the things we don’t like about ourselves, or are afraid to admit: egotism, proclivities, forbidden sexual desires. But is also includes our positive, untapped potential – qualities we admire in others but disavow in ourselves. Befriending the Shadow makes fear an ally and enables us to live more authentically and improves our relationships because we are freed from the need to project our negativity onto others and to recognize when theirs is projected onto us.

In this workshop, we will look for where the Shadow manifests in our personal lives, family interactions, spirituality, relationships, and the world around us. You will learn about how to use the practice of Mindfulness to work with your shadow side to enhance the quality of your life.

Peter Chirinos and slave Caroline

Despite affirming research, mental health professionals continue to demonize and pathologize people who practice BDSM. Increasingly more of us operate from an intuitive understanding that what we do can, at times, be “therapeutic”. Some in our community further the belief that this “therapeutic”/transformative factor is a beneficial structure for M/s dynamics. Is it? If so, how do we know when “therapeutic” or transformative M/s dynamics are a replacement for or an adjunct with formal therapy.

Drawing from personal and professional experiences, we will present our ideas of how BDSM activities and M/s relationships can be transformational under certain circumstances while emphasizing the differences between clinical therapeutics (professional definitions) from a non-professional understanding of ‘therapeutic’. In doing so, we seek to examine the intrinsic value and danger of this "therapeutic" function in our Master slave relationships.

Master Fire

Tips and tricks to help bridge the gap between a slave who needs micromanagement and a Master who doesn’t. Using a versatile system for engagement system that can be adapted to “analogue” or “electronic”. Many of these ideas are also useful for long distance relationships.

Thay (Master) Z

This discussion group is exactly what the title suggests. Thay (Master) Z gives an opportunity for Masters, Mistresses, Daddies, Sirs, Ladies and Tops of all flavors to gather and share their thoughts with each other. slaves, boys, and girls. This is an opportunity for slaves to share what is in their hearts with each other. The presenters kick out the Owners to give the slaves an opportunity to laugh, cry, yell, and sigh.

slave lara and Mama VI

A huge favorite time for all slaves, boys, and girls. This is an opportunity for slaves to share what is in their hearts with each other. The presenters kick out the Owners to give the slaves an opportunity to laugh, cry, yell, and sigh.