MsC 2018 will have around 40 workshops starting on Saturday at 9 AM until Monday at 2 PM. Workshops are presented by a diverse group of national, international, regional and local presenters.

Below is a partial list of the approved workshops. More will be posted as we receive and approve them.

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MsC 2018 Workshops

Sir Guy

Trying to navigate the minefield of developing a relationship is never easy. You have to deal with personalities, interests, goals and other markers for compatibility. When we add to the mix authority based relationships and all that entails, it can get even more complicated. Now, when we additionally factor in the polarizing climate of today’s world, the idea of trying to climb all of those hurdles and deal with racial, ethnic and cultural differences can truly make the task a daunting one. Yet, there are many who do it and have done so successfully. How do we tackle this? What do we look for? How can we navigate the issues that are bound to occur? Sir Guy and slave Harley lead his discussion.

Sir Guy

There are many times when people who are good leaders find out that they may not be good managers. Can someone with good leadership skills but not so great management skills utilize those skills to structure a successful M/s relationship? What is the difference? What skills are needed and how do you develop them? How can you adjust to address the needs of a slave who thrives under more management than you are used to? Sir Guy shares his journey and discusses a topic that is not often discussed.

Lady Catherine Gross

Join me for a discussion regarding deliberately created sacrosanct, joyful service. Creating personally significant motivation and an available center of gravity for sustainable service is personal and not formulaic. We’re going to explore techniques of mind, body and spirit to foster self-fulfillment, power, and a grounded space that allows spectacular service. Exercises, handouts, and discussion.

Intended: For slaves, (Masters would also get something from this.)

Master Neko and koneko

Does the idea of 24/7 Master/slave relationships scare you or intrigue you? Do you have to tell them when to pee, what to eat, and how to act? Come find out some of the answers to these questions and more about owning a slave.

Master Neko and koneko

It is said that in order to have a power exchange, one must have power to exchange it. Masters – does your slave have power? How do you handle that? slaves – Are you property with a high value or are you a doormat? Join us as we look at the levels of power being exchanged and how it’s handled.

Master Neko and koneko

Many loves – sounds great! Right? What is polyamory? How does it work? What does it look like? Can anyone do it? Come talk poly! Crackers not included.

Mr. Blue and BlueFrost

Most will agree that raising children can be a daunting challenge. They don’t come with an instruction manual and parents don’t need a license to create them. To complicate things even further, many of us are raising children while also living in an authority exchange relationship model. Join us in what will surely be a lively discussion on ways to live authentically without imposing your life choices on your children.

Mr. Blue and BlueFrost

Many people have varying views of what constitutes service. What service is, how stellar service should be accomplished, as well as who should be the person serving? We will discuss the many faces of service. All are encouraged to join in as we discuss the roles and how each one may serve.

Master Ben and slave naomi

A manifesto is a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer. Master Ben and naomi will invite you “behind the curtain” to explore their personal manifesto and how these guiding principles impact our individual responsibilities and relationship health. The discussion will touch on diverse topics including service, prioritizing the relationship, and conflict resolution.

Sir Gareth

We talk about taking responsibility of the relationship by the Master as well as the slave.

Sir Gareth

No matter what we do sometimes, the shit hits the fan, be it a scene or a relationship. In this class we talk about how we handle things in the aftermath.

Master Skip and slave Rick

For many years there has been an ongoing debate in our community as to whether or not it’s necessary—or even appropriate—for love to be a part of a Master/slave relationship. This debate continues because, even though our lives are spent continually searching for love, our understanding of what love is has been so culturally diminished that today mere romance and sentimentalism pass for love and that type of “love” undermines a D/s dynamic. Paradoxically, when the Master’s and slave’s inner journey results in the transmutation of the D/s dynamic, their search for love at long last ends and their relationship is strengthened. In this exceptionally personal presentation Master Skip and slave Rick will open an intimate window into the dynamics of their own relationship and reveal how, when a Master and slave are willing to venture beyond the illusory boundaries of identity and ego, love is discovered to be not a feeling but the very essence of one’s true nature.

Master Skip

When working through the challenges unique to M/s or D/s relationships, those who claim the Dominant role often find themselves feeling alone and adrift, blindly stumbling along in the relationship as best he or she can. For a whole host of reasons Masters are often reluctant to share what’s going on in their relationships with other Masters, whether to solicit feedback or simply to be heard. And yet studies have shown that those with similar life experiences who meet regularly in a non-professional context with a small circle of trusted peers are more able to find validation, authentic empathy, useful insights, practical advice, and valuable guidance than those who steadfastly attempt to go it alone. Participation in a small “Masters only” peer support group can make a positive difference in your life and in your relationship(s), but unless you’re lucky enough to discover and be welcomed into such a group, you must create one for yourself. In this follow-up to “Speed Bumps and Potholes on the Road Less Traveled” (SPLF 2008), Master Skip will explore the benefits of peer-based support groups for Dominants of every stripe, share some useful tips for establishing your own such group, and provide time-tested materials for insuring that your group remains healthy and functional throughout its (hopefully) long life.

PLEASE NOTE that in order to foster an optimal level of trust and candor within the group, only those who identify as a Master or other type of Dominant may attend this presentation.

Master Skip

Whether it’s Master and slave, Daddy and boy, Dom and sub or any other D/s relationship, many of the expectations and desires of the participants often go unmet. Why is it that most of our kinky couplings come to an end after a relatively short amount of time? Is it only our sexual appetites that drive us to enter into these relationships, or is there a deeper longing at play? Join Master Skip as he explores the archetypal nature of D/s relationships and facilitates a discussion of ways to sustain and deepen these relationships when the honeymoon is over.

slave Rick

Although everyone wants to feel loved and accepted, a lack of healthy communication skills often undermines one’s chances for a happy and successful relationship. And that’s especially true for those of U/us whose sexual identity is rooted in BDSM. Because the consensual imbalance of authority in D/s affords ample opportunity for projection and power struggles, we sometimes have difficulty achieving and sustaining healthy, long- term D/s relationships. But this same dynamic can also provide us with a tremendous opportunity to identify and heal a myriad of unresolved issues from our past, thereby paving the way for an enduring, mutually satisfying relationship. And sound, functional communication between all of the parties in the relationship holds the key.
Join slave Rick, a licensed psychotherapist (, as he draws upon experiences from both his counseling practice and his 19 year relationship with his Master to assist Y/you in navigating the sometimes treacherous waters of these most unconventional relationships.

Ms Rhonda and tomo

There is much celebration in our community when a collar is placed on a slave. At that joyous time, it is difficult to think about a day when it might be removed. Applying their experience in M/s and D/s relationships, Ms Rhonda and tomo will guide the class through an exploration of the collar coming off and the challenges that go along with it from the perspective of both Master and slave. We will look at why the end of an authority exchange dynamic may be more difficult than the end of a peer relationship, what we can do to take care of ourselves, how to move on in a healthy way, and what steps can be taken during the planning stages of a relationship to decrease the pain of a possible ending.

Ms Rhonda

There is an unspoken, and often unrecognized, perception in our community that Master equates to autonomous, independent, self-supporting, and all knowing. Add these implied expectations to the actual authority and responsibility of mastery, and it becomes a high bar to meet. The reluctance to admit vulnerability, not having all the answers, fear of asking for advice or information, and a lack of space to seek support are all too common among Masters and may result in feelings of isolation. These issues can be further complicated when life struggles arise. Masters may not feel comfortable talking about challenges they are experiencing or don’t have a safe place to do so. In this class, we will discuss the myth that Masters are all knowing and not in need of support, acknowledge that Masters, like all humans, face challenges, and consider how each of us as Masters can develop our own safe support system and place to share our struggles. To create a safe space to share the vulnerable side of mastery, this class will be open to Masters only.

Thay (Master) Z

This workshop looks at the dynamics of one Leather Family (Master Z’s Texas Leather Tribe), its’ history and the diverse components that have comprised the F/family from its’ inception to how it looks today. Discussions will include issues surrounding poly dynamics and the special challenges and joy that can be experienced with multiple personalities and energies. Come and share some of your dynamics in the discussion about this unconventional but functioning Leather F/family.

slave raven

What is a ritual made of? How do we create a ritual that will work for us? Why do we need or use a ritual? Please come join us for a discussion on the reasons we may want a ritual put in place. We will look at how we can use them to improve, deepen and fulfill space in our relationships and lives. We will look at who can create them and some of the ideas for some that have helped us on our paths.

slave raven

When we chose this lifestyle there are several words that change how they impact us emotionally. How we use them helps define the boundaries and edges of our paths. Let’s talk about some of the C words we all have in our lives. Compassion, commitment, compliance and even communication.

slave Rick

Part 1 of this class was presented at MsC 2017 and, since only half the material was covered, slave Rick is returning to present Part 2. Inspired by slave Rick’s new book, “Jolted Awake: An Unconventional Memoir”, this presentation is designed to create sacred space for the sharing of experiential wisdom.

Together we will explore such topics as how to be obedient to one’s authentic self when feeling both doubt and fear, what does it mean to view the world through soul-centered rather than ego-centered eyes, how can our M/s and D/s relationships foster the healing of past wounds and how can our SM experiences help us become more spiritually awake. slave Rick is currently a licensed kink-aware psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA ( First and foremost, however, he is by Grace in service to his beloved Master. It is recommended that attendees read this book prior to the presentation, but it isn’t a requirement.

The book is available at the MsC Office during MsC 2018 and online at Alfred Press and

Master J and Lord Brick

Come join us to experience two very unique and completely diverse perspectives within our lifestyle as they share with you what it takes to succeed within the Master slave community to ultimately find your match. We all exist to find our fundamental connection, our ultimate soulmate, our wholesome Tribe or our supreme partner in crime. Master J and Lord Brick will lead you through the insight and fortitude needed in finding your ultimate union. The Master slave lifestyle is a higher way of living with many more requirements and libations than vanilla relationships. Due to these additional demands, we must prepare ourselves in a manner that strengthens our minds, body and fortitude in preparation to reach our goal. Power exchange relationships adds a whole other level intensities that need to be in alignment to be successful. Let Master J and Lord Brick expel the myths and tell you how it is.

Master T’Hayla and Gilliam

So why is it so common for s types and M types to resist resting into who we really are?

What is gained by resisting? Or perhaps more to the point what is lost by resisting? And how do you stop?

Master Don and orja

A household should always be prepared for a multitude of situations. Emergencies, health related issues, personal protection as well as disasters that might happen in our environment and to us personally. Join Master Don and orja as they talk about how their household is prepared for a variety of emergent situations and what you can do to be prepared as well. Discussions about go bags, emergency medical bags and the smart choices you should be making when thinking about setting up your household are just some of the highlights of this interactive class.

Master Don and orja

Being in a Master/slave relationship can be likened to a dance: both partners working together to produce a cohesive and interactive "dance" that looks smooth as well as ebbs and flows as both partners grow and change over the years. Master Don and orja will share various parts of their lives and talk about the components that work to make their relationship a long lasting and successful one. Their longevity is due to not only the structure of the Master/slave dynamic but the interchange of ideas and strengths that have helped them evolve and thrive over the last 22 years.

Master Mary

As a Master, we must make so many decisions! And sometimes we have to make them very quickly. This class will focus on how to evaluate risk and make better decisions. While this class name is focused on Masters, all are welcome.

Uncle Abdul

Ahh, the sight of healthy, fit individuals engaged in a truly committed M/s or D/s dynamic is a sight to behold and admire. But wait! Is being healthy and fit a prerequisite for a successful and committed M/s or D/s dynamic? This is an audience participatory workshop facilitated by Unc' where we'll be able to discuss, exchange views, share experiences, and, perhaps, garner some new ideas and perspectives on how M/s and D/s dynamics can work, grow, and thrive if one or both of those in the dynamic are physically and/or mentally challenged. Having your slave kneel by your side is great when they're young, but as you grow old together and it's hard to kneel, what then? A dynamic can still be just as rewarding and fulfilling once you transcend such obstacles because the core beings of each other are still together. Let's discuss ways in which this can be accomplished and this workshop. Be prepared to expand your horizons.

Master Michael

Can someone with depression, autism or other mental disabilities be the Master, Dominant or “Big Letter” in a relationship dealing with power, authority, control? How does one go about constructing such a relationship, living it with the challenges that come from a mental health disability?

In this class, Master Michael will share his experiences of living as a Master with ASD and depression. He’ll share his successes, challenges, learning opportunities (in other words, the times he made mistakes!) and open the class up to those who also wish to share or ask questions. Master Michael is not a doctor or trained therapist, and does not play one on the Internet, but he has a lifetime of experiences with living M/s and with mental health disabilities. This class is geared towards those with the authority in a relationship.

(Masters and Doms only)

Sir Brian

“Okay, I am finished with the M/s community.” “Oh, I am going to MsC.” These two statements have been said by me multiple times, adding to my ‘in again and out again’ love affair with power exchange relationships. Surely, I can’t be the only person with this type of love affair! Let’s share reasons we leave and solutions to stay in the M/s Community for the long haul.

Mistress Susan

“If I only knew then, what I know now,” right?
“Why didn’t anyone tell me this in the beginning?”
“What’s with all these deep, dark secrets?”
There are times when we all wonder why it took us so long to learn what may have made our journey easier.
Perhaps the struggle to gain that knowledge was part of the lesson… Perhaps we didn’t have access to mentors, or other sources of information and experience..
We’re always learning, and there is always more to learn. Wouldn’t it be nice, though, to know what many others in our community wish THEY had known when they started out?
Come join Mistress Susan for some interesting and informative stories, a chance to share some of your own, and, perhaps- the key to the secret handshake!!

Mistress Susan and Slave Teagan

A journey into M/s is not laid out in simple steps.  It is a process of learning and growing that isn’t as linear or clear as we would sometimes like it to be.  Each new situation, and each new phase of the relationship brings with it new discoveries, new challenges, and potential for growth, both as a team, and personally. 

During this presentation, we will take you through three stages of M/s relationships, drawing from some of our own experiences over the past sixteen years.  We will discuss the beginning, the present, and what will sustain us as we move forward.

boy tom

suicideTALK invites all participants—regardless of prior training or experience—to become more aware of suicide prevention opportunities in their community. Dealing openly with the stigma around suicide, this exploration focuses upon the question "Should we talk about suicide?" By looking at this question in a number of different ways, session members can discover some of the beliefs and ideas about suicide in their communities—and in themselves. suicideTALK participants learn: How suicide is a serious community health problem that is often misunderstood; How personal and community beliefs about suicide affect suicide stigma and safety; Steps that can be used to help prevent suicide; and discuss how to get involved in life protection, preservation, and promotion activities in the community.

Master T’Hayla

Have you lost your way? Do you no longer feel grounded or centered in your submission or Mastery? Are you hoping someone will find you and bring you back? Or can they? Loosing your way and then building the path back, together.

Master Taíno

There is a logical correlation between parenting and mastery. And in the case of Master Taíno, the similarities are even more because he adopted and raised three special needs children and fostered two more. Master Taíno gives credit to his parenting experience for the influence it brought to his mastery. For him, the experience with his children made him a better Master. Join Master Taíno to address this topic full of stories of his journey as a single adoptive father and as a Master.

Sir Guy

Many times when M/s relationships are discussed there is much attention given to how to maintain an existing relationship but not as much is discussed about what happens before one enters an M/s relationship. What can we do to prepare ourselves, not just for any M/s relationship, but for the type of M/s relationship that we want? What do we have to know before we even start the process in order to be successful? What if you’re not new at this? Is the process different? Sir Guy and his slave Harley lead this discussion.

Thay (Master) Z

This discussion group is exactly what the title suggests. Thay (Master) Z gives an opportunity for Masters, Mistresses, Daddies, Sirs, Ladies and Tops of all flavors to gather and share their thoughts with each other. slaves, boys, and girls. This is an opportunity for slaves to share what is in their hearts with each other. The presenters kick out the Owners to give the slaves an opportunity to laugh, cry, yell, and sigh.

slave lara and Mama VI

A huge favorite time for all slaves, boys, and girls. This is an opportunity for slaves to share what is in their hearts with each other. The presenters kick out the Owners to give the slaves an opportunity to laugh, cry, yell, and sigh.