slave Rick

slave Rick
Author of Jolted Away

slave Rick has presented programs on the spiritual dynamics of M/s and D/s relationships and has delivered endnote/keynote addresses at conferences and events throughout North America for over 18 years.

his awards include the Southwest Leather Conference “Leatherman’s Heart Award” and the Master slave Conference (MsC) “slave Heart Award.” At the 2017 MsC, he and his Master were honored with the Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award. Most recently, he received the Jack Stice Memorial Award 2019 at South Plains Leatherfest for exemplary service.

In 2016 slave Rick published Jolted Awake: An Unconventional Memoir (available on, and the MsC Office). In it he presents his personal journey of an M/s relationship as a valid path toward self-realization. his book received an honorable mention for the Geoff Mains Non-Fiction Book Award from the National Leather Association.

slave Rick is currently a licensed kink aware psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA.
( First and foremost, however, he is by Grace in service to his beloved Master.