slave passion, Northeast slave 2012

Northeast slave 2012

slave passion is owned by and married to Master D. She has thrown herself into serving the community, with the blessing of her Master, since 2002. She holds the title of Northeast slave 2012 and is the other half of Mama’s BlackBEAT Duo. She is the Executive Producer of The M/s Gathering, co-founder of BlackBEAT Philly Metro and the Submissive SCENE and is the Director of MAsT: Cherry Hill.

slave passion proudly served as one of the producers of the LLC – Philadelphia and is co- owner and a producer of Philadelphia Leather Pride Night, both events winners of a Pantheon of Leather award. slave passion has presented at MsC, SELF, NWLC, Leather Reign, Brimstone, NDD/s Bootcamp and numerous MAsT groups. If you have met slave passion, you know she has a deep love for her family, Alabama football – Roll Tide, her wonderful friends and traveling as often as she and her Master are able. She feels that education for the M/s, D/s, Leather and Kink communities is a priority.