Mister Blue, International Master 2018

Northeast Master 2017

As the 2017 Master/slave title holder for the Northeast region of the United States, the senior Master of the House of Blue (a Het Male Dominant led Leather family), member of MAsT Washington, DC, as well as a Founder and board member for the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC – pronounced “lock”), Mister-Blue has been publicly active in BDSM for more than a decade as a mentor, teacher, and otherwise genuine source of knowledge in the way he has navigated through BDSM and kink.

As a member of a larger collective of Leather families, he has been raised in Leather by both Masters and Mistresses alike. Having these sources of invaluable and often times historical information has allowed him to successfully mentor other Leather Masters and Dominants and pass along this knowledge to the next generation of leaders.

As a part of his continued commitment to educate himself and others, over the years he and his slave/wife BlueFrost have spoken about the relationship aspect of the Master/slave model at national conferences, local munches and special interest groups to include the Master/slave Gathering, Master/slave Conference (as a contestant), Black Atlanta Munch, Weekend Reunion, MDHLfs-DMV, MAsT Washington DC, Unity Munch, and several others.

As a part of his commitment to serving the community, he has lent his time to all of the local public dungeons in the Washington, DC metro in some form or fashion as a volunteer, presenter for various hands on demos, as well as assisting in construction projects when time has allowed.

Mister-Blue and his slave currently reside in Maryland but can be seen across the country presenting and fellowshipping with the community throughout the year.