Master Jim, International Master 2001

Master Jim
International Master 2001

Master Jim, International Master 2001, is a Leatherman who has been involved in the SM/Leather community over 30 years.  During that time, he has presented seminars and weekend programs on Master/slave relationships across the U.S. and Canada.  Master Jim is one of the owners of South Plains Leatherfest-International Master/slave weekend ( held in Dallas each year and is a co-owner of the International Master/slave title contest held at South Plains.

Master Jim identifies sexually as a gay Leatherman; however, he is comfortable being served by persons of any gender or sexual orientation.  Currently, he is the owner of a biological female slave, slave marsha, who has been in service to him for almost 20 years.  Master Jim, slave marsha, and slave marsha’s mate, Cougar, live together as a leather family. Master Jim also has a Sir/ boy relationship with boy alex from Toronto and he has Keith aka “Beast “as his man in service.

Master Jim and slave marsha were recipients of the Jack Stice Memorial Award in 2006 and the Guy Baldwin Master/slave Heritage Award in 2011. Master Jim received the 2004 Southwest Leather Conference Leadership Award and the 2012 Pantheon award for the South Central Region in 2012.