Master Andy and Sue

Master Andy and Sue
MAsT Ottawa

Master Andy is in constant search of the next evolution of self discovery. His path led him to the BDSM lifestyle over ten years ago where he met his current partner in adventure, Sue. They currently live in a complete power exchange dynamic where Master Andy can bring his slave to dark places for them both to enjoy. In BDSM, Master Andy identifies as a sadomasochist who enjoys giving as much as taking. Who and what is up for the taking always remains negotiable.

A large part of Master Andy’s discovery came the Master/slave community. It was there he found his passion and dedicates his time to promoting the M/s lifestyle. He was the founding Director of MAsT: Ottawa (Masters And slaves Together) as well as the Canadian Regional Rep for MAsT International. He travels extensively throughout North America connecting with people exploring a similar lifestyle. Locally he volunteers within the BDSM community as well as the Leather community.

Sue has a fetish for power. She loves kinky fun that demonstrates a power imbalance. She lives as a full-time slave to Master Andy, dedicating her life to serving him. Sue is a dominant woman who has chosen the path of slave. Part of her service to Master Andy is continuous self exploration and growth. This fits her desire for a challenge perfectly.

Within the BDSM and leather communities, Sue volunteers her time and services to education. She served on the Board of MAsT: Ottawa and works with other groups to promote education. Sue also loves a good party and enjoys lending her creative side to decorations for events.