Blue Frost, Our Traditions Live! Speaker

International slave 2018 & Northeast slave 2017

BlueFrost, devoted slave and wife to Mister-Blue, is the Northeast slave 2017, the co-founder of House of Blue, co-founder and co-visionary of the Leather Houses of Color Coalition (LHOCC). As an associate member of a larger group of Leather families, with a decade of experience in kink and BDSM and many ties throughout the community she is known by many as a friend, accountability life choice coach, mentor, and sister. Mentored by elders in her community, she strives to not only carry the torch to light the path for others, but to also brighten her own personal path to excellence in service. She enjoys sharing life choice experiences and information with others. As a part of the House of Blue’s commitment to education, she speaks at national conferences, special interest groups and local munches in an effort to help further educate herself and her peers.