MAsT ’99 Tribute

A Tribute to the 7th International Master/slave Weekend

Master/slave Conference 2009 – Saturday, September 5, 2009



The Master/slave Conference 2009 served as a celebration of the tenth anniversary of the International Master/slave Weekend, also known as MAsT '99 or Atlanta '99, held in Atlanta in March 1999 and considered the first comprehensive educational event on Master/slave relationships.

The MsC 2009 producers paid tribute to the producers of that historic event, which included Master Roger Curtman, Master Doug Harris, Guy Baldwin, Ms Susan Walens and Wayne Brawner.

The producers of MAsT '99 presented Master Taino, the producer of MsC 2009, with a plaque in recognition "for His long, steadfast and passionate efforts to ensure 'The Guard Continues'."

Guy Baldwin was honored with the first Master/slave Heritage Award.

The award will now bear Baldwin's name and the first recipient was Master Roger Curtman.

Baldwin was also presented with a Master/slave Flag and a collection of essays written by a group of slaves based on his book "SlaveCraft".

Master Skip Chasey, Master Rick Storer, Master Roy and Master Taino – all attendees of MAsT 99 -- told the audience about their own experiences at the event and the impact it had in their own lives.

Slave david stein spoke on behalf of the faculty and historian Vi Johnson told the history of how we got there.

During the ceremony, there was a candle lighting memorial in remembrance of those who were in Atlanta in 1999 but have since passed away.

At the closing of the evening, 21 attendees of MAsT 99 were called to the stage to close the historic evening.

Their names were: Guy Baldwin, Master Roger Curtman, Master Doug Harris, Ms Susan Walens, Laura Antoniou, slave david stein, Viola Johnson, Mistress Khiki, Tom Stice, Master Skip Chasey, Wayne Brawner, Master Taino, Lady Catherine Gross, Master Rick Storer, Master Roy, Dirk Johnson, Sarah D, Major and Glenda Rider.

Remarks by Master Taino at the MAsT 99 Tribute when telling the story, the link between events and his presentation of the producers of MAsT 99:

"In March 18, 1999, a large group of Masters and slaves gathered in an old Ramada in mid-town Atlanta for the Seventh Annual International Master/slave Weekend & Contest.

Little did we know that we were at an historic event. It was what I consider to have been the first comprehensive educational event on Master/slave relationships.

Today – ten years later – we gather here to pay tribute, to remember and to celebrate that event and those who made it possible.

There is a link between that event – best referred to as MAsT 99 and sometimes as Atlanta 99 – and the Master/slave Conference.

When we had the opportunity to create the Master/slave Conference in 2004, we knew that we wanted to create an event that would impact our attendees' lives as powerfully as MAsT 99 did our own.

When the Master/slave Conference began in 2004, we were the first to use the "Master/slave" words in the name of an event since 1999 and we are still the only event of this nature and size fully dedicated to education on Master/slave relationships. We had options. Most events mix the Master/slave component with BDSM classes.

We thought at the time that there were many events which offered opportunities to learn about BDSM but none was designed to teach about Master/slave relationships.

So, with the memory of what we experienced in Atlanta in 1999 still fresh in our minds, we decided to take the torch of what was started then, and follow that path.

In my remarks before you during the Opening Ceremony of MsC 2004, I did mention what happened in Atlanta in 1999, and I have never forgotten that.

Throughout the years I realized that those who put that event together were often forgotten and they were never recognized for what they did for our Master/slave Community.

Today, for me, it is a personal satisfaction to be here to do just that. We proudly proclaim today that it has been our mission to continue what was started ten years ago.

And we will continue doing just that.

The event, as I said before took place in Atlanta in an old hotel which has been demolished since.

But what happened there in 1999 will never be demolished from our hearts and spirits.

But, where it happened is less important than who made it happen.

It takes immense pleasure in introducing to you the people who made MAsT 99 a reality.

If it happened in Atlanta, Master Doug Harris and the Sanctuary of the Dark Angel had to be involved.

We are extremely happy to have here tonight our friend, Master Doug Harris.

Next to Master Doug, we have Miss Susan Walens, who was also an integral part of the planning and execution of MAsT 99.

Today she continues to be active as Director of Operations for MAsT International.

MAsT 99 happened after a set back struck our Master/slave community.

The previous year, 1998, the International Master/slave Weekend and Contest 1998 was canceled.

The then titleholders Master Roger Curtman and slave bill – carried the title for an additional year and decided to take the event to Atlanta in 1999.

Master Roger was a man with a vision; it was he who decided to add the educational component to an event that until then was just a gathering, a contest and a party.

Master Roger Curtman – International Master 1997 and the producer of MAsT 99.

As I just said, he had a vision … and to achieve that vision he had the wisdom to enlist Gay Leather Icon, and renowned author and kinky psychotherapist, Guy Baldwin, to put together the educational component of that event.

And we are very proud and delighted to have with us tonight from Los Angeles… back on the East Coast for this Master/slave Conference, Guy Baldwin."