MsC History

MsC Awards 
The Master/slave Conference grants a series of awards to deserving individuals in our M/s Community, In this section you will find the list of recipients of all the awards.

Northeast Master/slave Titleholders 
The Master/slave Conference is home to the Northeast Master/slave Contest, a feeder event for the International Master/slave Contest, held in Dallas as part of South Plains Leather Fest in March of each year.

Keynote Speeches
Every year, during its Opening Ceremony, MsC brings a powerful Keynote Speech by a prominent member of our Master/slave Community. In this section we have most of those speeches, and some videos as well.

In Memoriam 
MTTA Inc. and the Master/slave Conference remember our board and staff members and volunteer that we have lost.

MsC Tenth Anniversary
During MsC 2013, we celebrated out Tenth Anniversary. The speeches of our founder and Executive Producer, Master Taíno, and from Master Skip Chasey, who have attended all ten events as a presenter and speaker, tell the MsC story

MAsT ’99 Tribute 
During MsC 2009, we paid a special tribute to Tenth Anniversary of the 7th International Master/slave Weekend (MAsT ’99), the first event dedicated to education in M/s and that served as example for the creation of MsC.

The M/s Flag 
The Master/slave Flag, which has become a symbol of our community, was unveiled during the Master/slave Conference 2005.