Attire & Behavior

Rules Governing Attire & Behavior at MsC 2017

Obtaining venues with suitable facilities and services for our lifestyle events is an ever more challenging task. We have secured a contract with our new hotel, The Radisson Hotel Baltimore Downtown / Inner harbor in Baltimore. Maryland, and we would like to maintain that. The outcome is beneficial to us all. We ask that everyone attending the Master/slave Conference adhere to the following simple policies and procedures.

The Radisson Hotel supports a family friendly Dress Code. We will be sharing the hotel with general public guests, and we want to keep some decorum.

We will be supporting the hotel’s policies for behavior in all public areas of the hotel. When you register online, you will be asked to sign an agreement stating that you are familiar with our security policies and that you will abide by them throughout the weekend.

Pursuant to the agreement between the MsC and the hotel, the following policy will be in effect for the conference: No nudity or inappropriate attire shall be permitted in the hotel lobby or any other public area of the hotel. Men need to completely cover their butts, and women need to completely cover their breasts up to and including the area defined by the areola. (Please exercise common sense in interpreting these rules. Applying liquid latex or pasties, for example, will not be deemed adequate.) Both men and women need to completely cover their genitals, when in the public areas of the hotel.

“Inappropriate attire” shall include wearing, openly carrying or otherwise displaying “adult toys” such as floggers, whips, chains, leashes etc.

Should you find it necessary to transport your toys through public areas of the hotel, please keep your items in toy bags. Volunteers will be on hand if you need assistance. Public areas of the hotel include outside, parking floors, the hotel lobby and hallways, elevators, public restrooms, restaurant and bar. The rules are somewhat relaxed at the exclusive area which include the huge International Ballroom including the Fetish Marketplace and the Promenade alongside it.

Be mindful that the restaurants and other local businesses in the area are NOT a part of the event and that everyday “vanilla” attire and behavior is required. Please use common sense in what you wear and how you behave, both in the hotel and in the community. Let’s not be our own worst enemy.

There will be approved locations for the display and distribution of flyers and other promotional materials. Please inquire at the MsC Office for this information. Do not place such materials in the public spaces of the hotel, including, as above: outside, gym, parking lots, the hotel lobby and hallways, elevators, public restrooms, restaurant and bar.

We will be the main guests at the Radisson during our event, but only the main area of the conference center has been secured exclusively for our use from Thursday evening to Monday afternoon. To gain entry to the exclusive area as well as all the other meeting space, you must be wearing your wristband and name badge.