TammyJo Eckhart, Author

Dr. TammyJo Eckhart, PhD, has been part of the BDSM Scene since 1989 where she discovered online communities that helped her put terms to the types of sex and relationships she’d been having since her teens. It wasn’t until her move to New York City in 1992 that she found an offline community and became part of it. Currently TammyJo lives in Indiana as head of her poly, kinky household. She has a husband of 25 years and a slave of 18 years whom she loves dearly and manages daily.

Several small presses have published TammyJo Eckhart’s fiction and non-fiction since 1996 — Masquerade Books, Inc., Circlet Press, Greenery Press, Blue Moon, Ravenous Romance, Masquerade Books, Alyson Books, Python University Productions, The Nazca Plains Corporation, Wells Street Publishing, Prometheus, The SandMUtopian Guardian, Sister Magazine, Aeon: A Journal of Myth and Science, Thorntree Press, LLC, The Ancient World, M.E. Sharpe, Inc., Salem Press, Inc., and Perfectbound Press. Currently her literary agent is trying to help her break into mainstream publishing but her subjects will always tackle power and authority dynamics.

A skilled storyteller and former educator, TammyJo enjoys traveling to read her fiction (or non-fiction), sell/sign books, and lead workshops and discussions on various aspects of BDSM, gender & sexuality, or the literature, culture, and study of science fiction, fantasy, horror and other types of speculative fiction. She has been a panelist, Game Master, and speaker at multiple kinky conventions, professional science fiction and fandom events, and for private organizations.

A huge but picky science fiction, fantasy, horror, and slash fan, TammyJo is also a prolific book reviewer writing 2-6 reviews a month for various scholarly and mainstream publications since 1999. Her review shelf generally stores around a dozen books at any given time so she has been known to turn down offers to review books when one just doesn’t seem to fit into her fields of interest or experience.

TammyJo earned her PhD in ancient history with minors in women’s history and folklore in November 2007 from Indiana University in Bloomington, and uses both her scholarly knowledge and twelve years teaching experience in her reviewing, writing, and storytelling. She has consulted with authors and publishers on history matters for non-fiction and fiction works.

Feel free to learn more about TammyJo at http://www.tammyjoeckhart.com or follow her latest adventures on various online communities you can find at her main website.