slave feyrie

International slave 2015

slave feyrie is a queer leather girl and a writer. She entered the public leather and BDSM scenes on her 21st birthday in 1999. She has been active in many groups in the Southeast including SC-Lock, 3-D, Whippersnappers, Sanctuary of a Dark Angel, T-3, and MAsT: Charlotte. She is a founding member of AWOL (Appalachian Women of Leather). Along with Master Kevin, she holds the titles of International Master and slave 2015 and SouthEast Master/slave 2014. She is passionate about tea service and identifies as a “formal service fetishist” – but she also enjoys a good cookout or bar night in her blue jeans. Slave feyrie enjoys speaking to large and small groups and is an entertaining storyteller who has never met a stranger. Slave feyrie especially has a heart for bottoms, submissives and slaves of all genders.