slave caroline

slave Caroline
Author and therapist

slave caroline’s passion lies in serving with clarity, strength and authenticity. She draws on a unique cross-cultural, international perspective on M/s dynamics and communities. In Australia, she was involved in the establishment of the Looking Glass forums, Con ‘98, ‘99, and the first educational workshops aimed at educating professionals understand the BDSM lifestyle. Since attending her first ever Master/slave Conference in DC in 2004, she has been privileged to be part of the development of the Master/slave community in the USA having given over 200 workshops across the USA and Australia on issues related to Master slave dynamics, produced various aspects of Master slave events, conducted research into Master/slave dynamics as well as advised and mentored various M/s organizations on leadership, organization and community development. She was the founding MAsT regional director for Oceania and Europe under the auspices of MAsT International, and developed and implemented the first five-year plan to establish an M/s community in Australia.

As BDSM and M/s relationships have become increasingly “main stream”, she is driven to end the othering, stigmatization and pathologizing of people who practice BDSM through misinformation and kinkophobia about BDSM and M/s dynamics by professionals. To this end, Peter Chirinos and she wrote “Becoming a Kink-Aware Therapist” (available through Amazon); the first of its kind aimed at mental health professionals. We have since launched; a comprehensive online academy with extensive courses aimed at professionals looking to move from being kink-aware towards being kink knowledgeable.