Master Scott MK, Great Lakes Master 2017

Master Scott MK
Great Lakes Master 2017
Indianapolis, Indiana

A lifelong native of Indiana, Scott and his slave, lyon, have been exploring all things kink, leather and power exchange together for nearly 20 years and have been living in a full time M/s dynamic for the past seven years.

Scott believes wholeheartedly in demystifying the M/s lifestyle. Aiming to dispel notions that his life with lyon is a never-ending series of debaucherous delights, he regularly shares their everyday experiences with his community to illustrate that every M/s relationship is a work in progress and that there is always room for a bit of silliness.

Scott has had the honor to present on various topics for groups across the Midwest and beyond.  He is a member of MAsT: Indianapolis and serves as the administrator and webmaster for the group.

Scott is incredibly honored to have served alongside his slave as the Master half of the GLLA Master/slave (as well as Indiana Leather Pride Master/slave) couple for 2017.