Master Michael and slave angie

Master Michael and slave angie
International Master/slave 2014

Master Michael and slave angie have been happily and authentically living the Master/slave dynamic for ten years, a relationship based on service, leather, responsibility and love.

They’ve successfully raised a family, dealt with serious health is- sues, and faced the challenges that engaging in a Master/slave dynamic can bring. They’ve put in a lot of sweat equity into living something that means so much to them, and have found love and happiness in being who they are. Michael and angie continue to grow, as their path has taken them to explore a more spiritual element, as well as learning to share their experiences with others, teaching when they’re asked to. All the while, they continue to learn daily what it means to be a Master/slave, as they never stop exploring the potential within each other and what they have together.
Michael and angie are proud to be Great Lakes Master/slave 2013 and International Master/slave 2014. Michael is co-director for MAsT: Greater Chicago, co-founder of the Chicago Leathermen’s Group and a Chicago Hellfire McAdory committee member. Angie is a former board member of LRA Chicago.