Master Don, Northeast Master 2010

Master Don
Northeast Master 2010

The journey in the lifestyle began in 1956 when he was eighteen years old. That journey of exploring and learning still continues to this day. He is of the belief that we are never too old to acquire knowledge. He feels that there is much to learn by attending events sponsored by lifestyle organizations. As a retired educator, he appreciates the opportunity to help others explore, enjoy, and learn all they can in their exploration of BDSM and particularly the Master/slave dynamic. He is the proud Master and owner of orja, his cherished slave of 20 years.

Master Don is a member of a number of groups and organizations which include MAsT DC Pan, MAsT Washington, BESS, Black Rose, MAsT-Baltimore, MAsT Philadelphia, NDDs, BESS PE SIG and the Northeast Dominants Forum, as well as several private discussion groups. He was the Chairman of the BESS Board of Directors and is the Assistant Director of MAsT-Baltimore. He will be bringing the experience of many years to those interested in the Master/slave lifestyle. He and his slave have been presenters at the 2007 Black Rose XX event, BESS 2007-2010, the 2008, 2009 and 2011 NDDs Boot Camp, Floating World 2008, MAsT Philadelphia, and were presenters and/or panelists at the Master/slave Conference in 2007-2015, Winter Solstice 2010, South East Leather Fest 2010 & 2011, Alternative Expressions 2010, MAsT Wilmington 2010, Philadelphia Leather Pride Night 2010, and the Joint MAsT Meeting (Washington, DC).

As the 2010 Northeast Master, he presented many classes with orja during their title year at a number of conferences, events and venues.