Master David and slave brynn, International Master/slave 2019

International Master/slave 2019

Master David and slave brynn are a 24/7 live-in Master/slave couple from Bakersfield, California. Both Master David and slave brynn are members of Mama’s Family, the Bakersfield BDSM Munch Group, MAsT: North Hollywood, and MAsT: Bakersfield. They serve as dungeon monitors and can often be found assisting at events in Bakersfield and the Los Angeles area.

Master David is a leatherman, a sadist, a mentor, and an educator. He is the founding director of MAsT: Bakersfield, part of the leadership for the Bakersfield BDSM Munch group, and a member of the Bakersfield Dominant Discussion Group.

slave brynn is a little, a bootblack, a mentor, and an aspiring leather girl. She currently serves as the secretary for MAsT: Bakersfield, the secretary/treasurer of the San Joaquin girls of Leather, and is active with the Bakersfield Bottoms Club, Hard Pink Sisterhood, and Los Angeles girls of Leather.

Master David and slave brynn are passionate educators, mentors, and representatives of the Master/slave community. They are honored to serve as the 2019 International Master/slave titleholders. They have presented at Great Lakes Leather Alliance, Southwest Leather Celebration, Revelry, LUC of Las Vegas, Corona, TGIF, Bakersfield, Corona, and Santa Rosa.