Master Bert Cutler, International Master 2003

Master Bert Cutler
International Master 2003

Master Bert Cutler has been out of the SM closet since 1978 and has a passion for Master/slave relationships and com- munity. He is a founder of the Arizona Power Exchange in 1988, a board member of Butchmanns, Inc., an instructor for the Butchmanns Experience weekends and a board member of CARAS. Master Bert holds the titles of Mr. APEX 1991-1992, Southwest Master 2003, and International Master 2003. His academic publications include: 2003 doctoral dissertation “Partner Selection, Power Dynamics, and Sexual Bargaining in Self-Defined BDSM Couples” and 2009 Archives of Sexual Behavior “Hormonal Changes and Couple Bonding in Consensual Sadomasochistic Activity.” His doctoral dissertation remains a touchstone for research in the field of human sexuality and provides a rich context for under- standing SM as a healthy and empowered aspect of sexual expression. At MsC 2013, he received the Master Heart Award.