Lord Brick

Lord Brick
MAsT Philadelphia

Lord Brick is a Master, Owner, facilitator, presenter and alternative lifestyle supporter.  He is known for his high protocol household which includes slave lara for over 12 years, as well as other affiliated and participating members.

Lord Brick has been a member and avid attendee of many regional and national groups, events and gatherings, including a majority of the M/s regional conferences.  He has presented throughout on M/s relationships, structures, morals and ideals, as well as a few BDSM topics.  Brick has also emceed for numerous events, enjoys raising money as an auctioneer for community fundraisers and has held the Ritual Drumming Circle at MsC since its inception.  Seeing the rewards of working with and giving back to the alternative lifestyle communities has added immensely to his journey.

Brick has been honored to be the Director of MAsT: Philadelphia (2007), a past MAsT Northeast Regional Representative, a co-producer for the M\s Extravaganza Events, a contributing member and presenter for the M/s Development Center, a contributor to the Mid-Atlantic Master’s Forum, as well as a founding board of director for the Leather Heart Foundation. Currently, MAsT is his passion due to the ability to maintain a safe environment which allows others to grow, learn, share and advance within the M/s Lifestyle through discussion.