Dr. Gloria Brame, Author, Sexologist, Therapist

Dr. Gloria Brame
Author, Sexologist, Therapist

Dr. Gloria Brame entered the Scene in 1985 and began her public activism in 1987, when she founded the first online BDSM support group in the Human Sexuality Forum of Compuserve under the handle Mistress Angelique. She identifies as a dominant, queer cis-female. Gloria has continuously educated, entertained and outraged readers around the world on BDSM, fetishism, masturbation, orgasm, sex history, sexual freedom, and LGBTQ rights for 30 years.

She has helped change the public dialogues about BDSM, and has evolved with the Internet, re-imagining her presence over the years to continue teaching sexual enlightenment through self-truth and sexual authenticity. You can follow her on Twitter @drgloriabrame She was the lead author of Different Loving, the first BDSM-positive book released by a major publisher, and has steadily published other books and scholarly articles on the science of sexual diversity and topics in BDSM. Her newest book, “Champions of Pleasure,” is a BDSM novel about a kinky bi man’s personal journey for sexual happiness.

Gloria was the first Ph.D. candidate in the U.S. to be granted a degree in BDSM/Fetish sex as an area of concentration. She was certified by the American College of Sexologists in 2002. Since then, she’s received numerous awards for her innovative and progressive brand of sex therapy. Gloria’s research and writings have earned her an international reputation as a thought-leader in human sexuality and one of the most frequently-quoted sex experts in the world. Gloria has presented and keynoted at dozens of BDSM events in the US and abroad. She is on the Board of Governors of the Leather Hall of Fame, chairs the Board of BED and is Editor in Chief of Moons Grove Press.