Slave Affirmation

The slave affirmation ceremony began as the vision of slave barb, International slave 2007. she felt the need to provide the opportunity for peers and elders within the slave community to recognize individuals who had done the tough inner work of living a life of obedience over a significant period of time. True to slave barb’s vision, this ceremony acknowledges one individual’s achievements, struggles, joys, contributions, and commitment to their slave journey. The individual being recognized must have demonstrated the core principle values of honor, integrity, humility, and respect over a sustained period of time. This ceremony can be viewed as a joyous coming of age or a rite of passage that is being acknowledged by, and shared with, fellow slaves.


2018 — slave cita, Laurel, Maryland 

2017 — slave 705, Stone Harbor, New Jersey

2016 — slave jenna, Baltimore, Maryland

2015 — slave llamb, Hayes, Virginia

2014 — slave paul, Springfield, Virginia

2013 — slave justin, San Francisco, California

2011 — slave marsha, Houston, Texas 

2009 — slave catherine, Monroe Township, New Jersey

2008 — slave lara, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania