MsC Store

As part of the educational commitment of the Master/slave Conference, we are proud to have the MsC Store with a comprehensive variety of books on the lifestyle.

MsC Store will be open at the MsC Office.  This year the MsC Store will have the following titles for sale:

  • “Our Lives, Our History” – the MTTA M/s/ History anthology
  • Jolted Awake by slave Rick
  • The ODS Manual by Master Jack McGeorge
  • SlaveCraft by Guy Baldwin
  • Nine Lives of Morris, by Morris Taylor

In addition, we have for sale:

  • MsC Big Paw Bear – NEW
  • MsC Stainless Travel Mug – NEW
  • MsC Messenger Bag
  • MsC Ripstop Drawstring Bag
  • Master/slave Flag Pins
  •  MTTA Pins
  • Previous years MsC pins