Service Stations

MsC 2017 will have 12 Service Stations presented by a diverse group of national, international, regional and local presenters.

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MsC 2017 Service Stations

Friday 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

This station will show you the basics of providing relief from stressful days. Areas of focus will be the neck, shoulders, hands, feet and head. Touch techniques, pressure and connecting with your partner will be shared. Massage can relieve headaches, foot pain, or a stiff neck and can be done in a regular chair! Bring lotion with you and a hand towel. The hand lotion from the courtesy supplies in the guest room bathrooms will work.

Our lives are constantly busy, to the point where it can be overwhelming to stay organized and productive. With lists of tasks to check off, things that need to be tracked, reminders to ourselves, and a million other things it can be difficult to keep on top of everything!

Does any of this sound like you? “I have a million to-do lists floating around to keep me on track. I love pen and paper to-do lists, but I keep forgetting things. I like to set goals and track progress or habits, but I’m not always great at keeping with it. Stationary, scrapbooking, journaling – awesome! I love planners, but none of them work for me. I wish I was more organized.”

While we can’t guarantee to solve everything for you, we’d like to share a flexible system that may help you stay more organized. Ryder Carroll's bullet journaling is a system and process that focuses on a mix of simplicity and customizability and can be used to help organize you and your life. In this service station, we will cover the basic parts of a bullet journal, how we each individually use the system, and help you get started with exploring this method. This is a hands on class, so bring a journal of any type or size and come experience this process that may provide you with your personalized planning style.

The art of head wrapping goes back thousands of years and crosses all cultures. During this session we will discuss the significance of covering one's head and how it is, and could further be, applied in M/s relationships. Come learn several styles of wrapping with scarves along with how to properly choose and maintain scarves for yourself, your Master, Mistress, or slave.

In our lives we go through many seasons what we could do at 20 or 30 is much harder when we are older. In a long-term power exchange relationship both the Master and slave have to be realistic about how their lives change through the seasons. In my 21 year relationship with Master Penguin we have had many seasons and changes that has caused us to have to adapt . Our first changes were when I was pregnant we had to adapt our rituals and routines one can't have a ritual to have slave chained to the bed at night when she has to get up to nurse a baby for example. When our children were younger we were much more subtle with our greeting rituals and going away rituals now that they are older (all in their teens) we have become more lax about that and are a little more out around them. I also have a chronic condition and have had to have times where Master has taken care of me. When I'm in flares some days my (to do list) is limited to take care of yourself. I cannot kneel like I once did and when I present in the bedroom that looks different but can still be graceful. As we both get older we will also have issues come up such as what to do if the Master or slave has a chronic condition or is dying. Although we have yet to experience some of that we hope to glean some experiences from friends who have dealt with those issues. In this station I will share different adaptations we have used over the years for size, disability etc and how our relationship, protocols, and rituals have evolved. We also plan on having a lively group discussion to as what has worked for others over the years and perhaps help others who maybe having an issue that they need adaptations or accommodations for.

Friday 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

A look at how we can keep our leather healthy and happy whether it is all on our own or just between visits to a favorite bootblack. There is an opportunity to ask questions and even have some hands on experience cleaning, polishing and caring for your own leather items.

This hands-on class will enable slaves to build confidence by learning to serve food and drink more gracefully and efficiently, following the rules of formal dining and etiquette. Masters are welcome, too, if you want to learn how to train your current or future slaves in table service.

There can be a lot that goes into a trip. Trips alone have different goals, timelines, and parameters. In our time together, I want to share my skill sets and tips with you to save some hassle. I'll share things like: tips for finding flights, arranging travel (like: does Uber pick up at the airport you just flew into?) and hotel, deals that are actually deals and not tourist traps, time management in selecting activities, finding local resources, etc. Is this trip for just you or your significant other? How long? Business or pleasure? What's the budget? Wait, we need a food budget too? Handouts will be provided.

This class provides guidelines to planning events, from small to large. Does your master like to entertain? What do you need to know about planning a formal dinner or a party? How do you plan for visiting masters and slaves? Need to plan an event? Come learn the basics of event planning. This class will sharpen your planning skills, and will help you provide excellent service to your master.

Friday 2:00 Pm – 3:30 PM

Be prepared for the annual Cigar Social at MsC and similar get-togethers at other events. What makes a cigar good? There are so many different styles and brands — how do you pick the right one for you or your partner? How should you store cigars to en- sure they’ll be at their best when it comes time to smoke them? We’ll cover all the essentials of cigars during this short class, including the proper way to light one!

Come learn all about English style tea service with slave feyrie. This class is designed to be fun and hands-on! We will explore: how to choose teas, history of tea, how it is made, processed and stored. How to setup and present a traditional afternoon tea. How to give and receive tea service. The class includes samples of many different teas and gives hands on practice brewing, pouring, serving and receiving tea.

Sir DaddyDaun and slavegirl j began T/their power imbalanced relationship a few years after Sir DaddyDaun was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and realized She needed a caretaker. slavegirl j eagerly volunteered for the position. As T/their relationship began to change into that of a Master and slave, the perspective from which slavegirl j needed to caretake changed. How does a slave make sure their Master is doing as They should for Their health? slaves do not nag or stomp their feet or whine (all things she tried in the beginning). Join slavegirl j for funny, heartbreaking and serious advice on how she learned the balance between caretaker and slave.

There are times that a slave may be required to manage another. Perhaps there is a need to train a newcomer to the Master's household, manage a person in service to the Master through the slave, or many other possible scenarios. As we add people, we add joy and also complication. Currently living in this middle management scenario, tomo will share her thoughts on the benefits, possible dangers, and how to create success for everyone involved.