MsC 2017 will have 10 Panels presented by a diverse group of national, international, regional and local presenters.

Below is a partial list of the approved panels. More will be posted as we receive and approve them.

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MsC 2017 Panels

Brad Sagarin, Ph.D. and Ellen Lee, M.A.

In past workshops, we've focused on the breadth of research on BDSM and M/s, trying to cram as many different studies into 90 minutes as we could. This year, we're trying something different. We're going to follow the lifecycle of a single research project from beginning to end, from inception to publication. We'll cover a range of research-related topics including the philosophy of science (why exactly does correlation not imply causation?), psychometrics (what pitfalls should you avoid when writing survey questions?), data analysis (what the heck do all those statistics actually mean?), and the publication process (why is Reviewer 2 always such an asshole?). Our goal is to give you the tools to read and understand academic journal articles, to design effective questionnaires for your organization, and to begin the process of conducting your own research studies.

Open to all

Ellen Lee, M.A. and Master Bert Cutler, Ph.D.

At MsC last year, we presented some emerging themes from our interview study with individuals in Master/slave relationships, including how M/s is defined, the value of M/s and authenticity, and issues with labels and being out. The conversation was so good we didn’t get through all our material! We are back this year for part two of the conversation. For new comers, we'll start with a brief review of the themes from last year. We'll then share the themes we didn't get to last year as well as new themes from the interviews conducted since MsC 2016. Please join us on the cutting edge of Master/slave research!

Open to all

Panelists: Raven Kaldera, Master Dylan & slave liz

Moderator: slaveboy Joshua

Transgender folks often have special challenges when it comes to finding relationships (or keeping one together through a gender transition), but what about when they are involved in a power-exchange dynamic? Does the structure of a Master/slave relationship make life easier or more difficult for a transgendered Master or slave? How do our struggles with cultural gender patterns affect our M/s roles? This discussion is open to everyone, whether trans or ally or just curious.

Panelists: Master Mary, slave cita and girl coral

Powerful slaves are amazing. But they take a special kind of management to make the dynamic work. We will explore the ways to manage to make the relationship successful for all. In this class, we will explore: What are the joys of having a powerful slave? What are the stumbling blocks of owning a powerful slave? How to help clear the stumbling blocks, and How to maintain balance and keep your slave grounded.

This will be a panel with much open discussion on these topics. We want to hear from you!

Panelists: Mistress Susan, Ms. Rhonda, Master Patricia & Lady O

In our traditional American society, most of us were raised with a male head of the household. As this is what we were modeled, what happens when we become female Masters? What personal challenges do we need to overcome? How do we do that? How does our mindset change? What advantages do we realize?

This panel is NOT all about misogyny or being misandrists, but is about exploring women's experiences as Masters and answering some common questions. All are welcome. Come and join us!

Panelists: Master Don & orja, Master Bert & slave nadine and Master Skip and slave Rick

Long term relationships in M/s can often be attributed to finding a unicorn in that successful ones are indeed a rare find. There are many factors that make up these types of relationships the most important of which is the idea that there isn't one way to make it work. Dedication, patience and the drive to travel this journey together are just some of the tenants at play. Join the panelists as they answer your questions about their relationships and how they've maintained their dynamic over the years weathering both the good times and struggles along the way.

Panelists: Master Ben, Master Patricia & Mistress Susan

An open forum for the audience to ask questions of a panel of Masters of diverse genders and sexual orientations, who will share their stories and encourage discussion.

Panelists: slave cita, feyrie, fox and kirk

Moderator: slave rene

This will be an open forum for the audience to ask question to a diverse panel of experienced slaves. The presenters will share their stories and will encourage discussion from the attendees.

Panelists: Master Ian & laure; Master Matt & michelle

Master Ian Rose and Michelle have shared a home for nine years as part of a polyamorous relationship with their two additional partners, who have their own power exchange dynamic. Ian and Michelle have been in different levels of romantic and power dynamic relationships together and with Ian's slave laurel, a partner that lives outside of the house. Master Matt Harmony is Michelle's current Master, and for 11 years has been part of a different polyamorous household, with various authority exchange dynamics among his housemates.

Come join Ian, laurel, Michelle and Matt as they talk about life in Complicated Households of partners, children, and power dynamics.

Panelists: Master Z, Sir Eric Pride, slave patricia and slave raven

In many D/s relationships, the intentions behind our partnering choices are driven by something deeper than just physical/sexual attraction or emotional chemistry, but by an internal obedience to a spiritual awareness between two or more people. If a person is truly obedient, the powerful pull for two very diverse individuals to come together in a D/s relationship can be both very fulfilling and very scary at the same time.

This panel will discuss the development of unusual D/s relationships, such as a gay male Master and a female slave, two heterosexual females, or a heterosexual master and a gay male slave. We will also discuss the intentions of the various relationships represented on the panel, our roles and responsibilities within these relationships, and issues of sexuality and other challenges.