We will hold four intensives for three and a half hours duration. Please follow the rules of each intensive as they all are limited in number of attendees, level of experience, couples only, Master or slave only, pre-registration, etc.

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MsC 2018 Intensives

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
George Bernard Shaw

We may think of our everyday conversations with our masters and slaves as just talking. In reality, however, each time we engage in conversation with one another we enter a zone of vulnerability where we can change our relationships for good or bad. In M/s, D/s, and other structured relationships it’s imperative we be able to scrutinize ourselves to find powerful truths about our communication styles.

Enter: THE LIZARD. We will look at how our lizard brains hijack our conversations and our emotions, and I’ll offer some neuronscience-ey solutions. Come willing to deconstruct your communication style, and you’ll leave with​  some new communication skills.

As most relationship problems stem from poor communication, this 3.5 hour intensive is designed for attendees to discuss specific problems in a safe, nonjudgmental environment.

Intended audience: Masters and slaves

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"If you are going to wash the dishes, then wash the dishes."
Nhat Hanh

Too often, we hear the words mindfulness and intent for Master/slave relationships without really getting into what they are, what they mean and most importantly HOW they work day to day in our lives. This intensive is an opportunity for us to do exactly that, to take a few minutes to slow down, look within and without, to listen to ourselves and each other and learn to apply the lessons of mindfulness and intent. 

We will discuss how intent and mindfulness are an integral part of the foundation of Master/slave relationships. How we create and maintain intentional spaces with our approaches and our actions and how they can lead to deeply spiritual journeys. We will do exercises that show us how easy it is to apply mindfulness and intent on both sides of the power dynamic (since it is in both sides that this should be done!)

We welcome you to join us and learn a bit more about what lives within and without ourselves.”

Size limit: 6 couples or 12 people total

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Lady Catherine Gross as presenter

An introspective, explorative tool box to further develop your inner reserve, responses and resilience. An introspective, explorative tool box to further develop your inner reserve, responses and resilience. This intensive will cover "the what" and "how to" of: 1) overcoming and getting a new point of view on defensiveness; 2) the PRIME Process; and 3) address service interruptions and the possibilities to lessen those unwelcome incidents for both parties engaged in relationship.

Expect to walk out with some new tools, perspectives, and get closer to serving seamlessly! 3 hours, presentation, handouts, interactive

Intended audience: Masters and slaves
Size limit: 35

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Slave Quarters represents a holistic approach to consensual slavery. By taking this approach it provides us with a fuller more rich sense of self within the master slave dynamic.

During this intensive slave teagan will explore the slave identity from an internally perspective: What drives our desire to surrender to the will of another, our wants, needs, and expectations and what traits are needed to develop and maintain our alignment of purpose with master long term. Slave teagan will also share his perspective on the ethical practices of consensual slavery along with the role mentorship and community plays in developing and maintaining a healthy slave identity.

Intended audience: slaves only
Size limit: 20

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