We will hold five intensives for three and a half hours duration. Please follow the rules of each intensive as they all are limited in number of attendees, level of experience, couples only, Master or slave only, pre-registration, etc.

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MsC 2017 Intensives

TammyJo Eckhart

A personal workshop that will help each participant consider what they want and develop a plan for how they can begin to work on preparing for a successful relationship of the Ds or Ms variety. The presenter, active in the Scene for 28 years and the proud owner of one slave for 18 years, will ask provocative questions and helps folks think and write out their needs, desires, limits, and self-reflections. Finally each participant will create a plan to follow to start preparing themselves for a Ds relationship. The plan is focused on the individual and not on finding a partner or creating a structure for a relationship because any successful endeavor must start with the individual first. Individuals participating need to bring information about their work/life schedules to make this function well.

Target Audience would be singles or people who find themselves struggling over and over to make Ds, M/s, any type of relationship work.

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Sir Stephen and Sir Eric Pride

As we grow in our authority-based relationships and our commitments deepen, many of us experience an emergence of unanticipated questions: Why do we choose to live in authority-based relationships? Is it all about play and service, or is there something profound and significantly more intangible at hand? In this 3-hour workshop, Sir Eric and Sir Stephen explore the deeper motivations that drive the dynamic of authority-based relationships, addressing a number of questions including: • Do spiritual practices strengthen or weaken the authority-based dynamic? • Can they become part of our protocols and rituals? • If I am a member of a church or spiritual practice, how do I reconcile the choices and the activities I engage in my authority-based relationship with the teachings of my practice? • Whether a member of a church, spiritual practice or not, do I find something emerging in my relationship that is deeper, intangible, and maybe somewhat “mysterious” that wants to be recognized and incorporated into my life? • Are my religious or spiritual practices compatible with our core values or, are they in fact, the very core values we see as the best part of ourselves, our relationships, our extended lifestyle families and our community?

Join us for a deep dive into these topics. Contribute your experience so that others may learn from you, and come hear the experiences of others and learn from them.

Masters Only - Open to everyone who lives as a Master, or who believes that they are called to follow the path of Mastery

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Laura Antoniou

Description and details coming soon!

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Raven Kaldera and slaveboy Joshua

Description and details coming soon!

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Master Ben and slave charles

Each of us has something to share – but we may not know how to develop a presentation, or feel comfortable speaking in front of a group. Whether you are interested in presenting at your local MAsT Chapter or a regional conference, this speaker training intensive will provide you with the building blocks needed to develop a presentation and deliver it effectively. The class will include segments on creating a presentation, tips and tricks for effective public speaking, a group exercise in developing a presentation, and preparation and presentation of a short talk by each class participant (presentations will be videotaped and reviewed by the class). This will be a hands-on class designed to improve presentation skills for both the novice and seasoned public speaker.

Limited to 15 attendees – this is a special intensive scheduled for all-day Friday

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