Since MsC 2017, we started offering a new concept: Conversations! These are Q&A opportunities with some of our presenters that allows the attendees to ask questions and engage our presenters in many topics. The Conversations take place in the classroom set up at the Carter Johnson Leather Library. In this track, we will offer other special presentation like kinky movies or documentaries.

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MsC 2018 Conversations

Sir Brian

In October 2017, my beloved slave david stein died unexpectedly, leaving a Sir without a slave. slave david and I were together, through ups and downs, for four years. I will share some details of our long-distance life together, discuss some of slave david’s profound discussions that impacted our community, and give space to enjoy each other as we celebrate my slave!

Mr. Blue and Blue Frost

Awesome opportunity to talk with our current International Master/slave titleholders, our own Mister Blue and BlueFrost, who have taken our community by storm.

Master Don

This is an unique opportunity to ask questions to one of the elders of our Northeast Region, Master Don, Northeast Master 2010. He has been involved in our community for almost half century and currently in a long term relations hip with his slave, orja. He is ready to share his wisdom and answer your questions.

Raven Kaldera and slaveboy Joshua

Raven and Joshua are a trans Master/slave couple engaged in poly relationships. They are the Northeast Master/slave 2014 and have written several books on Master/slave relationships. Raven is a shaman and they engage in neo-pagan spirituality. A great opportunity to ask them questions about all those topics.

Mama VI

An informal conversation with our historian and librarian, Mama Vi Johnson. She will talk and answer questions from those interested in knowing more about the history of BDSM, Leather and Master/slave.

When it comes to the Master/slave Conference, most people tend to associate ONYX with great raffle sales and awesome pool parties.  But there is a side to the ONYX Men and Pearls that does not get publicly discussed: many of us have and continue to explore and thrive in the Master/slave dynamic.  Join us as we “remove the veil” and share our stories of our experiences and perspectives with these special relationships.

About ONYX and the ONYX Pearls: ONYX is the national Leather fraternity for Gay and Bisexual Men of Color, and the ONYX Pearls is the national Leather organization for Women of Color.  Both organizations provide spaces for their communities to safely learn about kink play, Leather culture and the Leather communities.

The International Master/slave 2003. Master Bert Cutler and slave nadine, has been in a M/s relationship for 235 years. Master Bert is also an academic and his doctoral dissertation was on “Partner Selection, Power Dynamics, and Sexual Bargaining in Self-Defined BDSM Couples”. He is currently participating in the Science of BDSM research by the Northern Illinois University.

Tom of Finland – the Movie!

MsC will be shoring the movie Tom of Finland, a 2017 Finnish drama film directed by Dome Karukoski and written by Aleksi Bardy. It stars Pekka Strang as Touko Laaksonen, better known as Tom of Finland, a Finnish homoerotic artist. Tom of Finland premiered on 27 January 2017.  The film cover the life of Tom, an iconic figure in the world Leather community, since the time when he returns home to Finland after serving in World War II, making a name for himself with his homoerotic drawings of muscular men. His art got him into a lot of trouble before making him famous in the US and the gay world.