“Being Authentic” Justin Tanis Keynote | MsC 2016 “I am who I am. I am not ashamed of who I am — not one bit.” In 2002, over the Thanksgiving weekend, a reporter for Washington Post outed Jack McGeorge, one of the leaders of the M/s and kink communities, and, at the time, a United

BUILDING BRIDGES Keynote Address to the 2015 Master/slave Conference Thirty-five years ago, and again ten years later, I worked for a television show named Guiding Light. Now, I realize those of you who don’t watch soap operas think they are all alike, but in truth, each of the shows has its own personality. We had

MsC 2005 Speech July 25, 2005 I want to begin by saying thank you to Master Taino and the committee who has invited me to speak to you all for a few minutes this evening. I am honored and privileged to be allowed to share a few of my thoughts with this very special group

THE RISE AND FALL OF THE M/s COMMUNITY (A Cautionary Observation) Keynote Address to the 2008 Master/slave Conference (Copyright © 2008 by Skip Chasey. All rights reserved.) Thank you, Sir, for that very kind introduction. As I know some you can attest, the opportunity to give a keynote address, particularly to one’s peers, is a

“You Must Be This Tall to Ride This Ride” Laura Antoniou Keynote Speaker Master/slave Conference 2009 This material may not be reproduced in any fashion, printed or electronic, nor distributed to websites, archives, mailing lists or any other network without explicit permission of the author, who may be contacted at Quoting, excerpting and reviewing

Unconscious lifecycle of Master slave dynamics: A philosophy of shit. Keynote address delivered at The Master slave Conference, September 2010 (Copyright © 2010 slave Caroline. All rights reserved.) Thank you Master Taino for that gracious introduction and welcome all – thank you. Yes, I have only missed one year, sadly the year Mr. McGeorge gave

Good evening. I would like to thank the Master/slave Conference organization for asking me to be here this weekend. I consider it an honor that I promise to try and do justice to during the next 30 minutes or so. Thank you also for honoring me with your presence tonight to listen to what I

Thank you for that warm welcome. Well here we are again gathered together at the Master and slave conference where we may come closer to being community than at most other times in our busy lives. Certainly some of us have vibrant and wonderful M/s communities locally, but I suspect for many of us, this

Thank you for that generous introduction, and for your kind welcome. (But I know its just ‘cause y’all will be planning to kill me later. Right?) I’ll begin by thanking what powers there be for the privilege of coming before you tonight. It’s nice to see so many familiar faces as I look around the